What is a uchigatana?

Features of Uchigatana
" Uchigatana " is a sword that has become popular among samurai since the middle of the Muromachi period. Cutting edge length is 2 feet (about 60cm) above, blade of shallow warpage is the feature.

The Uchigatana is the most common form of Japanese sword, which can be abbreviated as "Katana", but it appeared much later than the Tachi, first in the 14th century and flourishing in the 15th century. It is mainly used in infantry combat, so its length is slightly shorter and less curved than the Tachi, and when it is worn at the waist, the blade is upward, and when it is used, the sword is drawn and slashed at the enemy in a single movement.

The Japanese sword is often depicted as the main weapon in manga and games, but in reality it was used as an auxiliary weapon in the event of a bow and arrow running out or a spear breaking.

Uchigatana was most active in the battlefield during the late Tokugawa period. It was used when dealing with a few people, not a large number like in a battle.

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