How to maintain a sword

Avoid touching the blade directly with your hands . This is very unsafe and easy to cut yourself . The blade is made of iron , and if the blade is not cleaned up in time after touching it , the sweat on your hands may cause the blade to rust .

Do not use one sword to cut another sword . Avoid cutting hard objects of your sword , such as stones , steel pipes , and glass . A katana is a consumable item and will inevitably wear out during use . If you want to use the katana to cut sisal rope , straw mats or anything else . It is recommended that you choose a katana made of modern steel (manganese steel is a good choice ) . Compared to traditional steel , modern steel has better performance , both hardness and toughness , and is cheaper at the same time .

Avoid leaving the katana in a humid environment . Before long-term storage , wipe the blade clean with a cloth and then apply rust-proof oil (you can also use motor oil ) evenly on the blade to insulate it from oxyGen If you wrap the blade with plastic wrap to prevent rust , it will be better .

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