Characteristics of Japanese swords

    The most important feature of Japanese swords is that the blade and the sword suit can be assembled and disassembled. A common blade can be matched with a fine sword suit, and by the same token, a valuable blade can be matched with a common sword suit. Therefore, a complete sword, it's good or bad identification, the blade and the blade suit are separate. If the sword is equivalent to a person, the sword suit is equivalent to a person's clothes. A person can have more than one set of clothes, and a sword can also have more than one sword suit. So, can one sword suit be used on more than one sword? Generally not, but not impossible. If it fits, a person can wear someone else's clothes, but it always doesn't feel as good as wearing one's own clothes.

    Unlike other swords, the concept of "sword" in Japanese knives only refers to the blade, and the sword suit is not a part of the sword, but a different concept. The various accessories are made by different craftsmen and finally assembled on the blade. Therefore, the concept of "sword" in Japanese swords refers only to the blade and does not include other accessories. Many famous swords have been destroyed or lost due to the age of the sword, and the sword is fitted with a simple sheath made of specific wood to continue to protect the blade. The advantage of this wood is that the wood is soft and easily absorbs moisture from the air, making the blade in the sheath less susceptible to moisture. Although this kind of sheath is plain and unadorned, the sword hidden in it is often a top quality sword.

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